More Kinds of Insurance than meets the Eye!

Hello Success Friends!

When I started in insurance back in 1985 (I was 2 at the time?) I worried only about life insurance, auto and home insurance and maybe some small commercial insurance. My how times have changed. Today I work with multitudes  of products from being a workers compensation specialist to now pet insurance to home warranty insurance. Of course we offer health insurance, medicare supplement, term life insurance and you know we love auto and home insurance. But we do quite a bit of small commercial insurance. As I said, we specialize in workers compensation, but we also are great at general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, truck insurance, inland marine insurance. And to top that off we also provide bonds. As you can see, there are many types of insurance. 

I was asked the other day about having too much insurance. A contractor queried if I was like the painter that paints his house last? My short answer? No! I believe in insurance, I am properly covered and I am sure it is because I understand insurance.  I have seen million dollar payouts. I have been on both ends to when a person is covered and when a person isn’t covered, and the results can be drastic. We hear the horror stories every time a catastrophe occurs. Exclusions are real, companies do not cover seepage of water into your basement, why? Insurance is an accident policy not a maintenance policy.  But I bore you.I just know that claims are not fun, your life is disrupted. But when you need it, you want coverage.

So now we offer pet insurance and home warranty insurance. What is with that? I think it is a great innovation. The cost of vet bills is astronomical and any help is great. And here is a sad truth, you will take your pet to the vet, let us help reduce your exposure. And home warranty? It works the same way, our appliances need service too, the question is, just like the oil change advertisement used to say, pay me now, or pay me later. I have found that a front end load is always the least expensive. 

But I digress. The point of this blog is if you need it insured, we can find coverage. So call us, we would love to hear from you.